Data & Analytics

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Data & Analytics

Data being the new oil of the world. We have deep expertise in generating insights and devising your analytical framework. Our solid bench has qualified architects with expertise in data warehousing, data lakes, big data workloads and file systems batch and real time processing, Dashboards, and applied intelligence. Some of the technologies used and not limited to are Azure Synapse, Databricks, Apache Kafka, Azure Data Factory, Azure IOT Hub, Event Hubs, Azure Data Lake Gen2, Power BI Embed, Tableau, Talend to name a few.

Our Expertise

All organizations sit on a gold mine of data and information. This information can reveal incredible insights and bring value for your business. We at ZxDigital have the experience and the know-how of generating these insights in a repeatable way by enabling technology that can be accessed by all.

  • Unified Analytics | Databricks
  • Data Strategy & Governance
  • Dashboards | Power BI Embed
  • IOT

Unified Analytics

Unified Data Analytics provides solutions that unifies data analysis, data integration, insight generation with AI technologies, making data and analytics much more approachable for organizations.

This enables collaboration with data analysts, data scientists, business analyst, machine learning & data engineers in one single experience. The availability on demand collaboration promotes teamwork and effective decision making.

Unified Analytics With Databricks

Data Strategy & Governance

“It Is A Capital Mistake To Theorize Before One Has Data.”
Sherlock Holmes

It is vital that organizations have a full fledge road map to where they see themselves being data ready and data savvy. This means implement governance across the board. Data as a strategy can drive immense value to a company as this means you bring the "T" in data, "T" implying trust.

Its safe to assume that 60-70% of people presented with numbers or information don?t believe them, as they just aren?t sure either of the logic or the accuracy of the information being presented.

To circumvent this problem and start a meaningful collaboration on governance, there are several strategies and frameworks we can apply. Our expert Data Solution Architects and Governance Experts can facilitate workshops and be part of your committee to ensure certain practices are in play and in full effect for best results.

As a strategic partner, we can implement tools and techniques for your organization around MDM Master Data Management , retrieving that Golden Record & Security and Data quality concerns all in a stop shop.

  • Unified Analytics | Databricks
  • Data Strategy & Governance
  • Dashboards | Power BI Embed
  • IOT


Powerbi Embed | App Owns Data

Embed your Power BI dashboards into a third-party application for your customers.

With Power BI Embedded our experts at ZxDigital can directly inject your Power BI dashboards in an application or into your company portal.

The dashboards are fully interactive, this gives you an added advantage, its like creating an analytics platform for your application.

Sample Power BI Dashboards

Generate Meaningful Insights To Drive Your Decision Making.

Provide access to information to your customers and stakeholders. Inject your Power BI dashboards directly into your company portal or your application

Create an analytical Platform for your application.

Internet Of Things | IOT

““When Wireless Is Perfectly Applied The Whole Earth Will Be Converted Into A Huge Brain, Which In Fact It Is, All Things Being Particles Of A Real And Rhythmic Whole. We Shall Be Able To Communicate With One Another Instantly, Irrespective Of Distance.”

Nikola Tesla

Did you know that as of 2015, a total of 15.41 billion devices were connected to the internet? Thanks to new wireless technologies and other IoT-related advancements that number will balloon to 75 billion devices by 2025.That represents an increase of 487%.

In addition, Cisco recently estimated that by 2019 IoT devices will generate more than 500 zettabytes of data per year.

The need for handling data generated from IOT is needed more than ever. Our tried and tested architecture on Azure provides immense benefits and unification, giving you the power to monitor and make decisions in real-time.Our experts can take data from IOT devices

Azure Reference Architechure

Stream Processing With Azure Databricks

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