Robotic Process Automation- RPA

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Robotic Process Automation- RPA

Our RPA engineers specialize in automating your day to day business processes in a controlled manner saving you time and driving operational efficiency. Our expertise spans across data entry automation, Desktop automation, GUI automation, Web Scraping, Screen Scraping, Excel Automation , Extraction algorithms and connecting your business applications with RPA providing a spa-like experience.

Our Expertise

We help organizations thrive in gains from operational efficiency from the ground up. Our team of RPA engineers ensure you have the best practical and Applied solution. We can help with a series of automations namely

  • Automating data entry tasks
  • Extract data from forms using Deep Learning models ? gone are the OCR days.
  • Building end to end pipelines that extract and transform and enter data into multiple systems.
  • Daisy Chaining bots e.g. Read Emails and trigger correct actions to a second bot etc.
  • Desktop Automation
  • Excel Automation
  • Screen Scraping Automation
  • Recorder Automation
  • Web Scrapting Automation
  • Holistic & Connected Automation

Identify the Right Opportunity

The pareto principle states that 80% of the effects comes from 20% of the cause. Our team of engineers work with your team to solve the right problem.

You can achieve maximum results by creating efficiencies in different ways keeping in mind that not every problem needs to be fixed as the root cause of the issue may lie elsewhere.

Empower your Team

It is crucial for your organization to know how RPA & AI services operate. The value in generating "Operational Efficiencies" and which use cases they can bring forward for implementation. This level of thinking creates a shift in focus that drives more value to a business.

We conduct RPA & AI Literacy workshops across the the organization , challenging the status quo, enabling people to think outside the box.

Technical Stack for Scale

We work with you and your structured and unstructured data with the right technology and framework to get the most done, keeping cost and time in mind. With the right tools you can build and apply your models at scale. Most organizations have a big issue with operationalizing AI hence 80-90% of their models run on an ad-hoc basis.

run on an ad-hoc basis. Our tried and tested approach removes the complexities and enables AI & Machine Learning Services throughout your organization with the ability to scale.

Why work with us?

Domain Expertise

Our dedicated team of experts and designers have worked across multiple domains solving different business problems that bring value to your organization.

Technolgy & Methods

Our knowledge and already implemented models empower us with the best practices on what technology works and what does not. We ensure that the right tool set is used to derive the most efficient models, saving valuable time and money.


We believe humans make decisions and machines and provide insights. Machines, or in our case, mathematical models cannot make business decisions. AI equips you with intelligence for us to decide on the course of action.

Technical depth

Our engineers have the deep expertise required to make RPA work for your organization. Our expertise in automating data entry, screen & web scraping & holistic processes drive operational efficiency, winning back time from repeated tasks.

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