Agile & Waterfall Project Management

Develop an environment where no person can say "I did not know"

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Project Management

At ZxDigital our talented bench of professionals can help you mitigate risks and ensure all parts of a project are in motion breaking down barriers with effective communication and collaborative practices.

We passionately believe that there is no "I" in Team and over the years we have employed a a cyclical approach towards collaboration helping organizations to the desired finish lines.

Our Expertise

Collaboration is the best way to work. It's the only way to work. Every person has something to contribute and have a specific set of skills to offer across the board. Collaboration and moving effectively as a team is the key to delivering projects on time.

Collaboration comes with effective communication and effective communication comes with clear goals and objectives.

As project management consultants, we know what it takes to sail in turbulent waters and work with you and your prime stakeholders to ensure a smooth delivery.

  • I need a qualified Project manager or a Scrum Master
  • I need to deliver High-Quality Projects
  • I need training for my team
  • I need professional staff management

Plan your delivery

The Agile

Iterative Approach

Agile methodology is a practice that supports continuous iterations of work in the SDLC process. In this model, development and testing activities are concurrent . This process promotes more communication with the customers.

At ZxDigital our scrum masters are equipped with the industry know-how to make this approach work for you and promote on-time and quality delivery

The Waterfall

The Linear Sequential

Waterfall methodology which is also known as the Linear Sequential Life Cycle Model. This follows a sequential order of doing tasks and project development can only move to the next phase of development or testing if the previous step is completed.

At ZxDigital our experienced PM's have the knowledge to keep the project moving and remove and work with roadblocks when they arise.

Why work with us?

Develop an environment where no person can say "I did not know"

Our team of experience consultants will assist you with project planning, deployement , operation and delivery. We work with you as part of your organization ensuring all parts of the project are in motion with effective collobartion and communication.

  • Optimized plans
  • Manageable schedule
  • Appropriate controls
  • On time delivery within budget
  • Cost reductions and Increases efficiencies
  • Reduced disruption and risks
  • Effective communication & collboration

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